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Cakes Design & Suger Paste

 The art of Cakes decorating started at 17th century in europe, and developed in 1840s with the advent of temperature-controlled ovens and the invention of baking powder. It was then when the

Decorated cakes became  noticeable at important banquets and celebrations, a tradition that continues to hold true today. Now days, I’m glad to say that  cakes design concept, become iconic on the modern culture, and accompanied us at happy occasions  such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, religious holidays and on TV shows, and reality programs like bakeoff and  Ace of Cakes.

And now, after the small preface about the realm we love  i will tell you about me, my business, and example of what you can find here for ideal cake decorating experience.

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Tal Tsafrir Cakes Design

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Cakes Design

Big Eyes Mould


27/03/2016 15:21:54
Instructional video
come and enjoy ours Instructional videos on Ideas and tutorials.

27/03/2016 10:09:37
New products in store!
Variety of new and updated in the store interior Cool, feet, wings, hands, and more!
Huge selection of new wallpaper and other surface coating. Enter the site and enjoy

27/03/2016 14:17:05
Payment through PayPAL
New – We Added option for our customers request:
payment through PayPAL. Enjoy

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Free shiphing
Every orders over $ 30 Free Shipping

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